Alopecia Areata: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

. One of the most common causes of hair loss in both men and women is Alopecia Areata
. Alopecia Areata usually starts with one or more round, small, smooth patches
. With Alopecia Areata, hair follicles drastically slow production, laying almost dormant for years sometimes - still ready to resume production
. While Alopecia Areata generally affects the scalp, it's not limited to the scalp
. In some people, the condition spreads until all hair on the scalp is lost - Alopecia Totalis
. In rare cases, the condition spreads until all hair on the body is lost - Alopecia Universalis
. Still, no matter how widespread the hair loss is, the hair follicles remain alive below the skin and there is still the possibility of regrowth
. There are several treatment options, for mild cases cortisone is generally injected, unfortunately, for more extensive cases, there is no simple and sure solution

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