What are the potential side effects of FUE harvesting technique?

. With the rising popularity of hair transplantations, many questions have arisen to the potential side effects of the procedure
. FUE is a method of harvesting hair from the donor site to be installed into the recipient site
. With the FUE technique, round punches of different sizes extract hair from the donor area either manually or through machines such as ARTAS and Neografts
. FUE is advertised as the most advanced technique for hair transplantation, however, it has to be done on the right candidate and in multiple, small sessions to avoid potential side effects
. A hair transplant specialist should examine the donor hair and texture carefully to make sure the client is a good candidate for FUE
. A potential side effect of FUE is Donor Area Neuralgia: it is a deep burning sensation in parts of or throughout the scalp that is not relieved with pain tablets, it lasts anywhere from months to years after the procedure
. Another potential side effect of FUE is decreased hair growth and fewer harvestable grafts in the future
. FUE is not the only harvesting method for hair transplantation surgery

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