Best Hair Transplant in Irvine Using State of the Art Technology

Hair loss can have a profound psychological effect on people's lives, it impacts one's self-esteem and self-image. At Dr. Meshkin's Newport Beach / Irvine transplant clinic, he has done studies which show men, especially older, are more comfortable with finding means to hide their hair loss. Along with doing research, Dr. Meshkin has spent the past 25 years finding the best treatment options for his clients. Dr. Meshkin's Newport Beach / Irvine hair transplant clinic offers free consultation to discuss all the best hair transplant and best hair restoration options Once a diagnosis is established for the primary reason of hair loss, the best hair restoration treatment and its cost are discussed. We believe that the best treatment option is one that is customized to the patient's diagnosis of a particular situation. We are straightforward with our patients, we think that it's very important to give realistic expectations out outcomes, both positive and negative.

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