FUE technique using Robatic vs Neograft instrument

There are two different techniques for the donor harvesting stage in hair transplants: FUT and FUE. There are multiple instruments in the market for FUE extraction punches: ARTS and NeoGraft. ARTS facilitates the extraction stage of FUE, however, due to its larger tip, there may be some collateral damage to the surrounding hairs. Neograft also contributes to collateral damage and some burial of graft during extraction. However, using Neografts or ARTS has nothing to do with the final result of the hair transplantation: how the hair will look in the recipient area. The most important factor for the end result of the hair transportation is an experienced doctor. When it comes to the recipient area, a good specialized hair transplant doctor should know how to distribute units and how to deal with the many variables in hair transplantation. Dr. Mike Meshkin is a world renowned hair transplant specialist that has a keen eye for his client's needs, you know you're getting the quality you pay for.

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