Can hair transplant be used for hairline lowering? From best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles

. Hair transplant surgery has become very popular among both men and women in the past few years
. A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure, and just like any other cosmetic procedures, their result depends mostly on the skill and experience of the surgeon
. If you decide to seek hair restoration to lower your hairline, it's important to find a qualified hair restoration specialist to find out if you're a candidate for hair transportation and lowering your hairline can be beneficial to you
. Thanks to new methods of hair restoration you can replace your lost hair and hairline with your own natural hair
. It is important for an experienced and qualified surgeon to use the latest custom needles in order to densely pack hair and to make the correction incisions following natural orientation of native hair
. With a skilled enough surgeon, it's likely that not even a hair stylist will be able to tell the grafts to form the native hair

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