Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Newport Beach

There are more than 50 million men and women affected by hair loss in the United States. Most cases in this epidemic stem from genetic reasons, this type of hair can't usually be naturally brought back. Even if someone is predisposed to genetic hair loss, there are several steps available to slow down or prevent this process. For the past 25 years, Dr. Meshkin has been in the forefront of finding the best hair transplant techniques and hair loss treatment options for his clients. Today's mega-sessions of follicular unit grafting allows for thousands of hairs to be placed in one session. At Glendale hair restoration clinic, Dr. Meshkin discusses many options available for hair loss with his patients. Each treatment option is customized for each patient individually. For a free consultation, in order to find the best treatment option for you, contact Dr. Meshkin at (949)478-5787.

If you have questions about hair transplant, feel free to contact our friendly Meshkin Medical staff. For appointments please call 949-478-5787. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Orange County, and Glendale. Click here to view our Office Contact information.