What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss comes in many different forms, as a result, it can have many different causes. The most common form of hair loss is Hereditary Androgenic Alopecia (Pattern hair loss). Hereditary reasons are the most common cause of hair loss. Medications can also cause hair thinning including blood thinners, Vitamin A, Anti inflammatory drugs, and cholesterol reducing medications. There are also diseases and conditions associated with hair loss such as Thyroid disease, cancer, alopecia areata, stress, ring worms, hormonal changes, tuberculosis, and cirrhosis. Non-genetic hair loss can be temporary Permanent hair loss can still be helped: consult with a hair restoration specialist If you're experienced hair loss and are concerned, it is important to visit your primary doctor to diagnose the cause. With consultation from your primary doctor, you can be better informed to see a hair restoration specialist.

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