A Review of the Post Op Care and Hair Loss Maintenance After Hair Transplant

. As hair restoration surgery becomes more popularity the questions of  safety, post-op care, and maintenance comes up
. Hair transplantation is a very safe and relatively minor procedure, performed only under local anesthesia
. Once the hair is harvested from the donor area then the hair is cut into 1-4 units under a microscope and transplanted into the recipient area
. Most specialists apply a small dressing for the first night, and afterward, a loose hat can be used to cover the area
. Post op care is usually given for cleaning the donor area
. Small crusts may form on the grafted area, which will flake off by the 10th day after surgery
. Some minor side effects such as minor inflammation can occur
. Patients can return to normal physical activity after a couple of days, for extreme activity or exercise make sure to check in with your doctor first

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