Hairline lowering, design, and planning

. Hair is the most aesthetic part of the face, so when one's hair starts to thin and the hairline starts to recede it can have a profound effect on the face
. Hair helps to bring out the richness of one's facial features, so when the hair recedes, so do these facial features
. One of the primary reasons that people seek hair transplants is to restore their facial appearance before hair loss
. One critical decision in hair restoration is deciding when you want your new hairline
. The best hairline is one that blends in with other facial features
. Experienced hair transplant surgeons should discuss hair line placement with the client ahead of surgery and follow the several cosmetic rules when designing the hair line
. The overall technique and details should be planned out to guarantee the patient will be satisfied with the end result
. The widow's peak, forelock creation, random pattern, correct flaring, natural orientation, and combinations incisions are all important for establishing an aesthetically pleasing hairline

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