Latest Tests for Diagnosis and prediction of future hair loss

. There are currently 50 million men and women affected by some type of hair loss in the United States
. One of the most distressing forms of hair loss is Hereditary Androgenic Alopecia, also known as pattern hair loss
. The symptoms of this genetically predetermined disorder includes physical changes in the hair, eventually, the hair becomes thin and falls out
. It's hard to predict the progression of androgenic alopecia
. Up until now, there has been no technology to precisely predict future hair loss, now predictable hair loss testing known as hair DX is available to both men and women
. There are, of course, tests available to evaluate the degree and stage of hair loss
. Tests to evaluate this include: scalp biopsy diagnostic lab test, microscopic trichogram, pull test, density test, hair mount, and daily hair loss test
. Hair loss is often temporary and these tests can determine if that's the case

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