Can cosmetic products help with hair loss?

For some patients with severe hair loss, cosmetic products can be the only viable solution
. Hair transplantation may never ben an option for a patient who will eventually have no hair from which to conduct the extraction stage of a transplant
. Cosmetic products such as creams, colored sprays, and powders can help to camouflage the thinning areas, so long as there is hair present
. However, cosmetic products will never treat the actual hair loss process
. Hairpieces are a good cosmetic, but they require monthly maintenance and should be replaced regularly. It is important to research products thoroughly before using them, there are many undocumented "miracle cures" that have been circulating for decades.
. However, many of these "miracle cures" have no scientific basis or any FDA approval
. At Meshkin Medical, we only offer scientifically tested and viable options for your hair thinning or loss

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