What you need to know about ARTAS and NeoGraft

There are two different techniques for harvesting hair from the donor area: FUE and FUT . ARTAS and Neograft work by performing the extraction of hair grafts through the FUE technique, these two devices are different instruments used in the market to do FUE extraction . Neograft is a machine tool designed to extract hair from the donor area, this tool is commonly used by untrained doctors who hire a special Neograft technician . ARTAS is another machine tool that utilizes computer technology to guide the devices in removing of each graft by itself, due to it's larger tip, there might be some collateral damage to surrounding hair . Both ARTAS and NeoGraft have some advantages in speeding up the graft extraction process, but they do not assure an aesthetic result . Hair transplant surgery is in the end, a cosmetic surgery and the goal is the aesthetic result . In addition, the extraction of the hair from the donor area has nothing to do with how the hair will look in the recipient area

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