PRP and Acell as a Non-surgical treatment option for hair loss?

.There are many different treatment options for hair loss that are available on the market
. Plasma Rich Platelet Injections (PRP) and Acell injections have been gaining popularity as a non-surgical alternative or to supplement hair transplants
. PRP is a concentration derived from the client's own blood that stimulates hair growth when injected into the scalp
. PRP growth factors begin to degrade quickly after being injected into the scalp, so any benefits to thinning hair are short lived, this means continuous PRP treatments are required (2-3 times a year)
. Many doctors suggest taking PRP with ACell injections for increased benefit
. ACell is a protein matrix that, when injected into the scalp, recruits the body's own intrinsic growth factors over a period of several months
. The combined, continuous treatment of Acell with PRP results in improved hair growth over time 
. Clinical studies about the effectiveness and long term results of PRP are not conclusive or scientifically proven
. We suggest approaching products such as PRP with skepticism when deciding if it's right for you
. At Meshkin Medical, all viable options for hair loss are discussed with the client

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