What is the best comprehensive approach to hair loss and FUE hair transplant?

. Many people consider hair to be the most defining part of the face and because of this importance, hair loss can be very psychologically devastating
. Before making a decision on your hair loss solution, it's best to be evaluated by a qualified hair restoration specialist to discuss the most comprehensive approaches to address your concerns
. During the consultation, the physician should spend time to educate the patient through computerized hair analysis to evaluate the extent of the loss
. Once the cause of the hair loss is found, a strategy can be created that fits the patient's health, age, goals, and expectations
. Since hair loss is usually both progressive and gradual, it's often best to combine surgical treatment with a medical regimen to get the most optimal results
. Medical treatments can preserve the natural, thinning hair while the hair transplant can fill the frontal hairline and thicken the scalp 

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